TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Meet Bradley Benjamin Swaim

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben Swaim is a James Madison University graduate and loves his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia (a little too much). Ben has always had an urge to build relationships with others and provide help in any capacity. This motivation to help others led him to graduate JMU with a BS in Psychology. His years spent as a Duke greatly influenced his drive in life, particularly studying under a favorite professor, Dr. E, which led him to appreciate the impact one can have on others and the community through servant leadership. Taking what he learned from these experiences, he decided to combine his love of travel and service to make a difference in the community around the United State by launching Travelteer.

Meet Jordan Brooks

Co-Founder and CTO

Jordan Brooks is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Jordan has always had a passion for creativity and strategy which led him to choose a double major in Marketing and Management. The idea of traveling and volunteering with the local communities had always been a goal of his. After graduation, Jordan's interest in Voluntourism grew. Following a conversation with Ben Swaim and the realization that the options for Voluntourism in North America were very limited, they decided to take those passions and create Travelteer.

Meet Rocco Leonardo Brooks

Co-Founder and Dog

Ruff woof woof bark. Bark woof ruff ruff. Grrrr bark ruff ruff. Woof woof woof.