TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

1 My name is Bradley Benjamin Swaim and I want to welcome you to my blog and encourage you to share this journey with me as a Travelteer! So what is a Travelteer? Well simply enough – a Travelteer is someone who travels, while volunteering in each community that makes up the city and culture they are borrowing from. A Travelteer is someone who gives his or her life to traveling, but travels to give. A Travelteer is someone who wants to see the world and give back to it too. Travel + Volunteer = TRAVELTEER! As I start my new adventure of becoming a Travelteer, I have had so many thoughts rush through my head! Will I make a positive impact on others around me? Will my views of each city change? How will each experience impact me? Can I accomplish a way for others to become Travelteers?
These are some of the questions I hope to answer as I embark on a 6 week Southeastern US trip that includes Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Nashville. I have already planned out most of my charity itinerary and will be volunteering at countless organizations – all of which showed great support for the idea. From food banks to equine-therapy facilities, working hands-on building houses to offering affection towards animals in need, I am determined not only to make a difference wherever I have been, but also take the experience with me wherever I go. I hope that others will be inspired to become Travelteers, and ultimately, I hope to offer resources to allow you to join the movement and follow your passion of traveling and volunteering as well! I believe that there is more to traveling than just the sights and I think many of you do too. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and get behind the movement – together we can better the world one Travelteer at a time! (Queue Inspirational Music).