TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Travelteer ag rhodes Never in my life have I felt more alive than my time as a Travelteer. I woke up each day constantly reinvigorated and ready to make a difference through volunteering at local organizations on my journey. It isn’t just me – according to a study by a Corporation for National & Community Service, “volunteering leads to better health” and that “those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those that do not volunteer.” Being surrounded by positive, like-minded people, and getting a chance to give back, truly returns to you in health and happiness as you further your impact as a Travelteer. On my Travelteer trip, I found that the positivity gained through the volunteering was contagious and seeped into the experience of going out and exploring each unique city and culture. Travelteer can almost be seen as a voluntourism retreat, in which you can give back to others and experience a city in a rewarding way.

New orleans agnga 1 e1462999827736 As a psychology major, I understand depression is a major battle that many individuals deal with, simply draining you and leaving you questioning all aspects of life. I myself have gone through depression in the past and knowing where I stand now as a Travelteer, I fully believe in the benefits of voluntourism on mental health. I hope that Travelteer can serve as a rehabilitation experience for others who need a medium to find their drive and vigor for life. As a Travelteer, I cannot express the rewarding and enriching experience that helping others through volunteering can have on your own life. Being a Travelteer helps builds empathy, strengthens social bonds, and consistently makes you smile. I can only hope to share this same invigorating feeling with others through Travelteer, where you can have a wonderful voluntourism experience that can truly lead to a happier life and greater well-being!