TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Dsc00791 As a Travelteer, you get involved with a variety of volunteering opportunities and nonprofit organizations. Each volunteering opportunity on a voluntourism trip isn’t just a giving experience, but a learning one as well. New tasks that you take on as a Travelteer, are lessons for new skills that can be used in life, to build your resume, or towards a future career. On my recent Travelteer journey, I found that one of the best ways to learn new practical skills is by volunteering at charities involved with construction such as Rebuilding Together or Habitat for Humanity. While volunteering in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and New Orleans I was able to learn and practice some useful home construction and repair tricks, all through having hands on experience on this voluntourism adventure. Whether it was painting a house, putting in windowpanes, or building a picket fence for the future family’s puppy, Travelteer has allowed me to grow my skills as an even manlier version of Ron Swanson (If that is possible).

Travelteer with project cure nashville Not only can you build practical skills as a Travelteer, but volunteering at local nonprofits on your voluntourism trip can help build leadership skills as you work alongside others and learn to handle tasks. Furthermore, these volunteering opportunities give you an opportunity to develop traditional problem-solving skills that can be utilized in all areas of life. One volunteering opportunity that required problem solving was in Nashville with a non-profit called Project C.U.R.E , where we had to load up a truck with 40 hospital beds for people in need in Panama. Having to get creative to load the 300-pound beds in a way that they would all fit, we ended up figuring out an all too efficient way to pack them, as there was too much space left over for them to move around in! No wonder The Standford Review has stated that voluntourism trips are “the next executive training ground.” I have learned so much while working with all the various organizations on this initial Travelteer trip and I cannot wait to see the life skills I pick up on my next voluntourism experience!