TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Travelteeropenhand As someone who recently graduated college, I understand the job market can be a bit intense for those on the hunt to start their career. One thing I found that really stands out to employers is the service work you do and the experiences you learn from them. That is why Travelteer is an amazing opportunity to build a resume and have an amazing time volunteering and traveling in the process. In fact, in a study by The Corporation for National and Community Service, unemployed people who volunteer were 27% more likely to find a job than those who don’t. I believe Travelteer to be a premiere voluntourism experience in which you get to see the world and give back to it too, meanwhile gaining valuable life experiences and practical skills for the future.

Travelteerbrook As a Travelteer not only do you have an opportunity to learn through volunteering, demonstrate your strengths, and work on weaknesses, but you get to build your social network of people along the way, many of whom have similar passions – who knows what exciting job opportunity awaits! Employers also want motivated and driven employees to fill positions, something that embodies what it means to be a Travelteer. While on your voluntourism trip, you are consistently volunteering your time to organizations and your determination to give back to the community by doing something you care about speaks loudly for your work ethic. The best part about all this resume building is that at the end of the day you are doing something exciting and fun, creating memories as a Travelteer that will be with you for a lifetime! Whether in between college and working, or just a weekend voluntourism trip, the opportunity to gain a real edge in the job market can be gained for any Travelteer who volunteers their time, makes a difference, and experiences a city like never before!