TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Img 4281 min There is something special about building a relationship with a city through voluntourism. When you travel to a destination, you could have a million different, unique experiences, but how do you stumble upon the right ones? While there is no wrong way to travel, I cannot express enough the rewarding experience that Travelteer has allowed me to have in each unique location. While delving into a culture that has continued to captivate its locals and tourists alike, volunteering and giving back to the community that created it gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the city for all its wonder and imperfection. Never have I felt like I have known a previously unexplored destination before in such a short amount of time than by getting involved with voluntourism and becoming a Travelteer. Going from city to city and volunteering with local organizations that are continuously determined to alleviate stresses involving hunger and health of individuals in the area impacts you more than any tourist site you could see.

Img 4517 As a Travelteer you get to know the city where you are volunteering through what make it such a great place – the people. As someone as passionate as I am about my hometown, I tried to make a difference in each community like it was my own. Getting to know the other volunteers as a Travelteer, you are continuously fueled by the experience, and it becomes a feeling that stays with you as you venture throughout your voluntourism trip. As you meet like-minded compassionate people, your trip starts taking shape, and all through volunteering. Having a novel Travelteer experience with no itinerary other than to volunteer with local non-profits, we really wouldn’t have had the same experience if we didn’t surround ourselves in the strong community through volunteering. After this initial Travelteer journey, I am convinced that this is the best way to travel, and it will continuously evolve how I take in each city I visit. More importantly, I want others to get to know each city they travel to at this extent and have a premiere Travelteer experience. When you get on the road as a Travelteer and volunteer your time at each destination, opportunities to better understand the city start opening up and memories start to be made. I cannot wait for you to go out and live the adventure and become a Travelteer.