TRAVELTEER: Where Travel Meets Volunteering

Travelteer ben with habitat for humanity Throughout our lives, we are constantly looking to find our purpose here in relationship to others and the world around us. Whether it is our role in the workplace, in our families, in our community, or in an even larger context, at the forefront is finding purpose and meaning within ourselves. Being able to understand and cultivate our purpose can lead to better personal satisfaction, relationships, and passion for life. Although there are many outlets and opportunities that I believe can help us find purpose, one I have found very helpful is through volunteering as a Travelteer and making a difference in local communities. When you Travelteer you shut out the stresses of your everyday life to focus on the needs of others, bringing you clarity and perspective to what is truly important in the world. Being a Travelteer connects you with others as you work towards a better tomorrow. In this experience as a Travelteer, you have the opportunity to teach something to those around you while learning what they may have to offer you and building relationships in the process. Dedicating your passions and skill sets to something like volunteering can be just as beneficial to you and your own growth as it can be to the communities you are helping.

Travelteer ben helping out first landing park While volunteering as a Travelteer and going into an unknown city, I was able to feel welcome and comfortable in my role. I felt like less of a tourist and more like an active member of the community. As you Travelteer and dedicate yourself to an area in your voluntourism adventure, you gain a sense of purpose through each community you visit. As you see your work make a difference, you gain a sense of pride and confidence knowing that you’ve made a new community your own and left an impact. So whether you are embarking on a fork in the road in which you need to explore what motivates you within yourself before continuing, or have already started that journey and need to make sure you don’t lose sight of what drives you, volunteering as Travelteer is the perfect opportunity to strongly establish your purpose and help other community members get the proper footing in finding their own.